Going on that well-deserved holiday and looking for a fabulous luxury ‘hotel’ for your bunnies while you are gone?

Lucky for you, The White Rabbit Retreat offer a boutique boarding service just 13kms east from Perth CBD!

You’re guaranteed your rabbit/s or guinea pigs will be under the watchful eye and loving care of Kym and David, the founders of The White Rabbit Retreat.

Your bunny will have their own clean and tidy temperature controlled large pen to lounge around in while you are off having fun somewhere exotic (well, as much fun as you can have without your bunnies!)


We’ve seen it all when it comes to rabbits and guinea pigs. We know how delicate they can be and ensure they are given as much love, care and attention as we give to our own pet rabbits. We have experienced vets from The Unusual Pet Vets who not only look after our rabbits but are on speed dial if a bunny or piggy were to fall ill.


We are not afraid of cleaning and as such our rabbit pens are always kept spotless. We routinely use F10 (vet grade disinfectant) to sanitize all rabbit surroundings, toys, tunnels, pens, flooring etc before each new furry client arrives. Each pen is cleaned daily with fresh litter, hay, fresh water, linen and thoroughly vacuumed.


During their stay, we can give your bunny the royal treatment at The Retreat Spa. Each rabbit will have its nails clipped, a de-shedding brush, a relaxing bunny massage, and a mini photoshoot, $40.00 per rabbit.  We also have appointments available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings for one-off grooming appointments. $40.00 per rabbit (weekdays) and $45.00 per rabbit (weekends).


We do not charge for hugs! They are free and with my Husband, The Rabbit Whisperer on board let me assure you, there will be plenty of them! Your bunnies will get lots of attention and interaction with us whilst they are here on holiday.


We only use premium green oaten hay sourced locally and always fresh straight from the bale. Don’t be surprised if your bunnies end up addicted to our awesome hay!


We provide large indoor (only) pens, enrichment toys, clean linen, litter trays, litter, the bunnies are able to indulge in premium oaten hay, Burgess, Oxbow or Science Selective pellets, a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit (some we grow in our veggie patch!). Our furry guests are also treated to Smooshie Face Treats during their stay. Everything your bunny could possibly need, we have! If you have special food or supplies, we are happy to use those too – just let us know!


Hi, my name is Kym and along with my Husband Dave we own and operate The White Rabbit Retreat right here in Perth, Western Australia. What is The White Rabbit Retreat? Well, what we offer is unique and exclusive – some would say ‘boutique’…. Essentially, we look after your rabbits/cavies in 5-star luxury whilst you’re on holidays!

We are often asked why we created The White Rabbit Retreat. At the time, we were a family with just 1 very spoilt 5-year-old rabbit named Minty.  Our beautiful Minty was a white dwarf rabbit with black markings, and the inspiration behind ‘The White Rabbit’ name. So why create a retreat? The idea was formed when it came time for us to take a short break  – we could see there was a huge need for high end care for people looking to board their rabbits whilst they were on holidays. 90% of the holiday boarding places we researched housed their rabbits in breeding banks, wooden hutches or cages with very little to keep them occupied or any decent food other than scraps of veggies. These weren’t the conditions we were happy to leave our Queen in.  As soon as we were home, we began planning……little did we know that 8 years down the track we would be as busy as we are and expanded to include The Retreat Spa! 

ABN 33 414 829 587


Toast and Crumpet absolutely loved their first stay at The White Rabbit retreat! They came home looking very handsome and relaxed. Kym was amazing. She kept us updated with photos and updates, so we felt very confident that the buns were happy and well looked after. Highly recommend and will definitely be using again. Thanks very much Kym!!

– Natalie Morgan, Manning  –

Can’t speak highly enough of these guys!! I have taken my rabbit Pluto for grooming a few times and he comes back beautiful. I recently boarded him and he came home so happy. Kym also kept me updated with how he was going and pics of him enjoying his stay (munching away on hay). Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a good groomer or somewhere to board their rabbits when they go away!

– Caitlin Downie, Hamilton Hill –

This was our 1st visit to The White Rabbit Retreat and I can’t speak highly enough of Kym and the care that she gave our little Snowy. She kept me updated throughout Snowy’s stay with beautiful photos, updates on how Snowy was and even making sure she had time outside to explore as she does at home. She made me feel instantly comforted knowing Snowy was being so well looked after. Snowy came home very calm, happy and with a beautiful coat after her spa treatment. I would highly recommend TWRR. See you again Kym in a couple of months. ?

– Emily Hart, Floreat – 

I’m so glad I found Kym at the White rabbit retreat, this was our first time boarding our little boy Henri and Kym was extremely professional and very easy to communicate with, as soon as I met Kym and seen Henri’s pen all set up and ready for him, I completely felt at ease. Kym updated me throughout his stay, which was so reassuring! I couldn’t recommend the White rabbit retreat enough! Henri loved his grooming session and even spent time after licking Kym’s arm (which shows just how much he felt at ease with her)! I also learnt a great deal from Kym she’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bunnies, I’ll be sure to msg her if I ever need some help or advice in the future.!

– Linda Doust, Landsdale –


Our little bun had a wonderful stay at White Rabbit Retreat this long weekend. We were a little nervous leaving her for the first time as she is only 3.5 months old, but left feeling extremely happy knowing that she will be well looked after. The communication with updates on how she was going was very re assuring, along wonderful photos of her having cuddles and playing in the basil garden.. Thank you for taking care of our little bun and all the information you passed onto us. No hesitation in giving recommendations to anyone needing top shelf care for their buns.???

– Nicole & Joelle Wincey, Baldivis –

I was a bit nervous leaving my two bunnies as one recently had surgery and I’ve never had to board them before. But they felt right at home at the white rabbit retreat. Kym was very thorough, checking for vaccination status and asking about their favourite foods. Spacious pens, indoors with temperature control, lots of toys, and cardboard to play with – with regular message updates from Kym, you can be rest assured your buns are having a great time! Milky and Milo say thank you Kym! We’ll definitely be back ??

– Kathy Le, Cloverdale –

Our guinea pig girls had the best time staying at The White Rabbit Retreat! ? Regular updates and photos from Kym, plus they were allowed in the veggie garden! Lovely clean cage and amenities, would highly recommend this wonderful home away from home for your bunny or piggy ?


– Amanda Breeze, The Vines –

Our bunny just returned from a 7 day stay with Kym & we’ve already rebooked her boarding service for our next holiday. Kym is so passionate about bunnies and knowledgeable. Her set up is second to none, spotless, spacious and safe. We were updated during our bunny’s stay and sent a photo of Bugs having a cuddle which was so lovely to see. Highly recommend The White Rabbit Retreat ??

– Kymberley Florenca, Spearwood – 

We cannot speak highly enough about our experience at The White Rabbit Retreat! Whilst we were away on our holiday, Kym noticed that our little bun Bruno’s teeth were overgrown and he wasn’t able to eat properly. Kym notified us straight away and even arranged a trip to the UPV for Bruno to have his teeth trimmed. Although we were extremely worried at the time, Kym continually put our minds at ease with regular updates and photos. We are so grateful for the care our Bruno was given whilst we were away. Anyone who chooses to have @TheWhiteRabbitRetreat look after their precious bunnies will not be disappointed!

– Susannah Robinson, Kensington –

We recently left or 2 baby bunnies with Kym and can’t recommend her enough. ?We felt at ease from the moment we walked in. The set up was amazing, so clean and inviting for the bunnies. Right away we knew they were in good hands. Kym cared for them so well wouldn’t go any where else.

– Rebecca Payne, Landsdale-

Absolutely recommend The White Rabbit retreat. Our bunny Cake recently went for a 2 week stay while we were on holiday. Previously I’ve always had friend or family member look after Cake, but with Cake being unwell for most of this year I didn’t want to leave her with someone inexperienced in rabbits. Kym was amazing and Cake was so well looked after. The first time I’ve gone away and not worried about her! Kym is very experienced and I felt so comfortable knowing that Cake would get the right care if she became unwell again. She thrived with Kym and looked so healthy and well after her stay and groom. We will absolutely be back – thank you Kym and Dave!!

– Emily South, Bassendean –



1 Rabbit – $23.50 per day (Single)

2 Rabbits – $33.50 per day (Bonded)


1 Guinea Pig – $21.50 per day (Single)

2 Guinea Pigs – $31.50 per day (Bonded)


 The Retreat Spa – $40.00 per rabbit

Each rabbit will have its nails clipped, a de-shedding brush, a relaxing bunny massage, a mini photoshoot and homemade treat! 


If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Maddington, Western Australia

0422 470 873


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