Are you goingΒ on that well-deserved holiday and looking for a fabulous luxury ‘hotel’ for your bunnies while you’re gone?

Lucky for you, The White Rabbit Retreat offers a boutique boarding service 13 km east of Perth CBD!Β 

You’re guaranteed your rabbit will be under the watchful eye and loving care of Kym and David, the founders of The White Rabbit Retreat.Β 

Your bunny will have its own clean and tidy temperature-controlled large pen to lounge around in while you’re off having fun somewhere exotic (well, as much fun as you can have without your bunnies!)

Rabbit Boarding Perth


We’ve seen it all when it comes to rabbits – We know how delicate they can be and ensure they’re given as much love, care, and attention as we give to our own pet rabbits. We have experienced vets from The Unusual Pet Vets who not only look after our rabbits but are on speed dial if a rabbit were to fall ill.


We are not afraid of cleaning and, as such, our rabbit pens are always kept spotless! We routinely use F10 (vet-grade disinfectant) to sanitize all surroundings even toys, tunnels, pens, flooring, linen, litter trays etc. Each pen is routinely cleaned (daily) with fresh litter, oaten hay, filtered water, linen, and vacuumed.

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GROOMING & Grooming-Only

During their stay, we can give your bunny the royal treatment at The Retreat Spa. Each rabbit will have its nails clipped, a thorough de-shedding brush, a relaxing bunny massage, and a mini photoshoot, $50.00 per rabbit.Β  We also have grooming-only appointments available Thursday, Saturday and the occasional Sunday morning for one-off grooming appointments. Please see our social media pages for updated availability.


We don’t charge for hugs or attention! They are FREE and part and parcel of what we do here at The White Rabbit Retreat. We have a passion for rabbits and rabbit welfare so you can only imagine the level of LOVE we have for all things rabbits! Oh….and with my husband, The Rabbit Whisperer, on board, let me assure you, there will be plenty of them! Your bun will get alot of attention and interaction with us whilstΒ  on their own holiday.


We only use premium oaten hay sourced locally and always fresh straight from the bale. We buy 5 bales of hay at one time, each litter tray is meticulously prepared so to encourage higher hay consumption and less gut upsets (too much green hay). Each litter tray has a perfect ratio of green and dry hay = Plenty of dry golden poops!Β 


We provide large indoor-only 10 panel pen, enrichment toys, clean linen, litter trays and litter, the bunnies are able to indulge in premium oaten hay, Burgess, Oxbow or Science Selective pellets, a variety of fresh vegetables and small amount of fruit (some we grow in our veggie patch!). Our guests are also treated to homemade treats using only local fruit and veggies. Everything your bunny could possibly need, we have! If you have special food or supplies, we would be happy to use those too – just let us know!


Hi, my name is Kym and, with my husband David, we own and operate The White Rabbit Retreat right here in Perth, Western Australia. What is The White Rabbit Retreat? Well, what we offer is unique and exclusive – some would say β€˜boutique’….Essentially, we look after your rabbits in 5-star luxury whilst you’re away on holiday!

We are often asked why we created The White Rabbit Retreat. At the time, we were a family with just 1 very spoilt rabbit named Minty. Our beautiful Minty was a white dwarf X rabbit with black markings and the sole inspiration behind ‘The White Rabbit’ name.

So why create a retreat for rabbits? The idea was formed when it came time for us to take a short break – we could see there was a huge need for high-end luxury indoor care for people looking to board their rabbits whilst they were on holiday. 90% of the holiday boarding places we researched housed their rabbits in breeding banks, wooden hutches or cages with very little to keep them occupied or any quality feed other than the odd vegetable scraps. This simply wasn’t acceptable!Β  As soon as we were home, we began planning……little did we know that nearly 9 years down the track we would be as busy as we are and expanded to include rabbit grooming at The Retreat Spa!

ABN 33 414 829 587


I highly recommend THE WHITE RABBIT RETREAT if you are looking for good carer for your rabbit. Asha stays nearly 5 weeks and we don’t had any issues. Kym is lovely, she was always sending me some updates about Asha. I also highly recommend to book the grooming, Asha never was so clean! Thank you again to Kym and her husband!

– Anais Margarido, Floreat – (Google)


 I was concerned about being away for 4 weeks overseas but Kym ensured me that my Nibbles and Misty would be properly looked after. As I like things to be done certain way for them etc. diets and Kym really understands that. I also got constant photo updates. Nibbles and Misty will definitely board with TWRR again😊

– Mint Tumward, Furnissdale – (Google)

Today was the start of a beautiful friendship between Bailey and the lovely people who operate The White Rabbit Retreat. I was nervous about my rabbits first grooming experience but soon after meeting Kym and seeing the amazing set up she has, I knew Bailey was in good hands. Kym is a passionate bunny advocate and spares no expense in making sure all buns are well looked after. She was so informative about lifestyle, diet and pretty much everything! It was such a big help talking to her. Bailey left looking fresh, clean and incredibly pampered. She can’t wait for her next appointment! Thank you ever so much πŸ’“

– Alyce Brockman, East Perth – (Google)

If you are looking for luxurious accommodation for your bun combined with a relaxing day spa plus regular photo updates, loving, attentive and expert carers, supervised outdoor time and all the treats your bunny can fit into their lil mouf look no further than The White Rabbit Retreat. My little Maverick recently stayed at The White Rabbit Retreat for his first ever holiday. Mav is part of the Lost Souls Rabbit Refuge family and a semi-regular grooming customer at The Retreat Spa so I already knew I was leaving him in the very best hands. Mav definitely coped better with the separation than me… it only took him about 10 minutes to settle in before he was out exploring in the bunny veggie garden which immediately put my mind at ease and I knew I could simply relax and enjoy my holiday. Kym was fantastic at fitting Mav in at short notice plus there was the potential to extend depending on footy finals results which she was super flexible with and I really appreciate. Thanks again Kym and Dave for being so wonderful and for taking excellent care of Mav. I could tell from the photos he never wanted his holiday to end… he’s already missing all the dried kiwi fruit treats and is looking forward to his next holiday with you! 10/10 we would both not hesitate to recommend.

– Kirsten Holmes, Clarkson – (Google)


If you are looking to board your Bunnie, then this place is 5 star, you couldn’t ask for more. I was very nervous at leaving Sooty for the 1st time. Kym was fantastic and put my mind at ease, she is very knowledgeable and carry and after dropping Sooty off, and seeing the fantastic set up where she would be staying for her holiday, I couldn’t be happier… Sooty was very spoilt, with even supervised outdoor time in the sun and vegie patch, yummy treats and beautiful fresh oaten hay and top quality pellets. When I picked her up after her stay, she was happy and relaxed. Now I have no need to stress about going away as have found the best place for her to stay. Thanks kym and her hubby (The Bunnie Whisper)

– Susanna Lee, Wilson – (Google)

Highly recommend The White Rabbit retreat. We were nervous leaving our bun with someone we didn’t know but left knowing she was in amazing care and could relax on our holiday knowing she was in great hands!!

– Claire O’Neil, Byford – (Google)

Our buns Salty and Shadow had an amazing stay at TWRR. Kym went over and above to make their stay comfortable. I got regular photos and text updates during their long weekend which really helped put my mind at ease. They even had some pampering and a groom before check out and came home all silky soft! I honestly can’t recommend TWRR enough!


– Faye Stephens, Southern River – (Facebook)

My bonded rabbits spent 6 nights at The White Rabbit Retreat. Kym was great! She gave us updates and photos of them during their stay. She also had no issues with giving one of our rabbits her daily medication. We felt so comfortable leaving them in her care and will definitely be using The White Rabbit Retreat again!

– Sharni Tayla, PearsallΒ  – (Google)

We’ve finally found really caring bunny people after having a few disappointing stays at other places. Kym really gave our bunny the best treatment ever over his 8 night stay. We were kept up to date with pics and video too. I can’t speak highly enough as bunny came home for the first time happy and not in a mood. When we go on holiday again we will certainly be using The White Rabbit Retreat as they truly are bunny loving people with fabulous large spacious pens with toys and plenty hay and vegetables of your bunnies choice and a garden for them to run around in. Leave your bunny here and be stress free while on holiday know they will be getting the best care.
– Richard Dow, Midland – (Facebook)
In the months leading up to our wedding we were lost as to who would look after our Bunny Lola in the days leading up to our big day, as well as our honeymoon. All of our family and friends would be attending our wedding, and with us going away for such a long time, we didn’t feel comfortable leaving Lola with anyone who could only keep her in a small pen with no free roam time. We were so glad to have found TWRT who gave Lola plenty of spoiling and plenty of supervised outdoor time. Lola was returned to us after 3 weeks well-groomed, shiny and smelling fresh. She clearly loved her holiday so much that she spent the next 3 days sulking in her house.

– Caitlin Goerke, North Perth – (Facebook)

Kym and her husband did such an amazing job of looking after my bunny, Shaye! They gave her lots of attention, cuddles, outside pen time and treats! TWRR is the only boarding service I will use for Shaye and any future buns now. A massive thank you to TWRR for the peace of mind you gave my partner and I while we were away. We still missed Shaye but we did not worry about her one bit, as we knew she was in good hands 😊

– Zoe Bydder, Gosnells – (Google)




1 Rabbit – $28.00 per dayΒ (Single)

2 Rabbits –Β $38.00Β per day (Bonded)


1 Rabbit – $35.00 per dayΒ (Single)

2 Rabbits –Β $45.00Β per day (Bonded)


* Medicinal administration (Oral/Subcut):

$10.00 per day/per rabbit

* Drop Off/Pick Up (scheduled):

$1.95 per kilometre Travel Fee

* Vet Appointment/Checkup:

$26.00 p/h Β TWRR Personnel Fee

+ $1.95 per kilometre Travel Fee

Medical Icon

Medical Aid Boarding

We understand that caring for a sick bun can be very overwhelming – The White Rabbit Retreat offers ‘Medical Aid Boarding’Β  –

* Medicinal administration (Oral/Subcut)

* Support feeding

* Subcutaneous fluids

* Wound management

* Dressing changes

* Post-surgical recovery

Β 1 Rabbit – $50.00 per day (flat rate)

+ $26.00 p/h TWRR Personnel Fee (Vet Check)

+ $1.95 per kilometre Travel Fee

* Please note, this is ONLY for rabbits that have been released from a Vet hospital to our care for medical ‘at home’ boarding care. ‘Medical Aid Boarding’ is subject to availbility and is under strict Veterinary instruction.Β  Β  Β 


Β The Retreat Spa – $50.00 per rabbit

Each rabbit will have its nails clipped, a de-shedding brush, knots removed, anal glands cleaned, a thorough check-over, a relaxing bunny massage, a mini photoshoot and a homemade treat! We now offer hygiene clips for $45.00 per rabbit – Please book in advance so we can allow for the extra time needed for this exclusive service.


If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Maddington, Western Australia


0422 470 873




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